Bradley’s Blog: Thoughts of the TV Rambler – An Introduction

TV is a medium purposefully created to entertain those who choose to watch. In the age of technology, people are able to get their opinions about that which they love out into the world at the click of a button. That is precisely what this blog will do.

A few things to note:

1. Any of these blog posts will have full spoilers in them about the subject (for general articles, I will include a list of shows that there are spoilers for at the beginning of the article). Please don’t read if you aren’t caught up on those shows. I will have no sympathy for you if you complain about being spoiled about the latest Walking Dead, for example, because you came onto this blog and read an article on the show before you were caught up.

2. I could do without masses of fangroups putting ‘xxxx IS THE BEST’. And don’t hurl abuse at other fans. Just articulated discussion, please.

3. If you’d like me to write an article about a certain subject, submit it here

Happy reading!


Published by

Bradley Adams

Bradley is based in the UK and loves to watch, write about and talk about his favourite shows - and some of his not-so-favourite shows, since there are plenty of those. Outside of TV, he likes to play cricket and, on occasion, socialise with people in the real world.

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